Reporting Accidents in Virginia: Not Just the Driver’s Responsibility for a Hit and Run

In Virginia it is important to know that passengers, not just the driver, can be criminally charged with failure to report an accident.  If an accident occurs, every person in the car who is 16 years … [Read more...]

What is “Negligence”? And how does it relate to personal injury law and car accidents?

  One of the most frequently heard bits of “legalese” used when talking about a personal injury (for example, from the result of a car accident) is the word “negligence.” In day to day … [Read more...]

Reestablishing Credit Post-Bankruptcy via a Secured Credit Card

Reestablishing credit following a bankruptcy filing is fairly straight forward although it can take some time. First, the debts listed in your bankruptcy filing are deleted from your credit history … [Read more...]

New Tool to Recover a Lost Life Insurance Policy in Virginia

The time period after a loved one passes is hard.  It becomes even harder when you cannot find the loved ones records.  If a loved one has died, but you aren’t able to locate their life insurance … [Read more...]

Opening a brewery in Virginia? Consider these wholesaler requirements.

When a brewery wants to market its product in a retail store it needs to conform to Virginia's tied house regulations. If you need a refresher on Virginia's tied house regulations, you can find that … [Read more...]

So you want to open a brewery in Virginia? The Relevancy of Tied House Regulations

Prior to America's Dark Age (the Prohibition), it was common practice for bars or pubs to be tied to specified breweries through contractual agreements requiring them to purchase some or all of their … [Read more...]

New Tax Plan has Big Consequences for Divorced Spouses

The new tax plan signed into law by President Trump in late December 2017 has many new changes and provisions, including one which will greatly affect divorcing spouses when it comes to spousal … [Read more...]

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: Technology in Custody Battles

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Consider the Gifts during the Holiday Season and their Impact on Equitable Distribution in Virginia

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Virginia Family Law: Vacation and Custody

  With winter vacations right around the corner, now is a good time to consider your current custody and visitation arrangement and any implications it may have for your travel … [Read more...]