Restoring Rights in the Commonwealth

Restoration of rights for felons in Virginia has been in the news a lot recently.  After several months of upheaval, the process for a felon to get their civil rights restored has been … [Read more...]

Mutnick named Counsel to Courts of Justice

Winslow & McCurry is proud to announce that our attorney Steve Mutnick has been named as General Counsel to the Courts of Justice Committee for the Virginia House of Delegates.  The 2017 General … [Read more...]

‘Trustees Gone Wild’ – Thoughts on In re: Williams Allegations

In re Williams 475 B.R. 489 (2012) addresses the case of the “eve-of-bankruptcy car purchase.” In this 2012 case before Judge Mayer, the debtors purchased a new car six days before filing their … [Read more...]

The State Corporation Commission

If you have questions about a Virginia business, a great first place to start is Virginia's State Corporation Commission (known by its acronym the "SCC").  As a legal nerd, I have always found the … [Read more...]

How Much Can I Recover in Personal Injury Suit?

After suffering an injury by another person’s fault, the victim begins to realize the cost that this injury has placed on him or her. Missed work and medical bills pile up and the victim wants to … [Read more...]

DNA Evidence and Virginia Criminal Law – The Truth Behind the Myth

Over the past twenty years, DNA evidence has become inextricably linked to crime scene investigation and criminal justice.  Almost every crime television show has every crime solved by a quick DNA … [Read more...]

Virginia Ups Minimum Age to Tie the Knot

A new law took effect in Virginia on July 1st, 2016 which requires that both parties must be at least 18 years of age in order to get married. It does allow individuals who are 16 and 17 years of age … [Read more...]

What is the Safe Overdose affirmative defense?

Fear of the police or the possibility of facing criminal charges are two factors which may hinder individuals from calling for help in the case of a drug overdose. In an attempt to combat this … [Read more...]

What are Grandparent’s rights in custody and visitation cases?

When parents of a child decide to split up, grandparents can often be unsure of their role in the future with regards seeing their grandchildren. When parents of a child are in crisis themselves and … [Read more...]

Chamber RVA to Host Chris Winslow

As Part of its Politics 101 Series, Chamber RVA will host Chris Winslow and Tom Shields. "Tom Shields, director at the Center for Leadership in Education and an assistant professor at the Jepson … [Read more...]